10 simple ideas to decorate your living room

The festive season is around the corner and market is fully packed with modern & stylish furniture that will make your home comfortable & trendy. Furniture is available in plenty of designs, colors, styles & affordable prices in the market.

1. Comfortable seating: Use living room furniture that is cozy andacquires less space.Sofa, armchairs, tables along with cushions can give a dramatic appearance to the room.

2.   Using neutral colors: One can use neutral colors on wall, floor, and ceiling as it makes the room look spacious and also illuminate a room by reflecting light.

3.  Choosing furniture: Living room furniture such as sofa, chairs that give lightweight appearance can be chosen. Glass tables should be preferred as it makes the room spacious.

4.  Open space: Arrange furniture in a way that creates enough space. More space makes the place lighter and calmer.

5.  Lighting: A well-lit room invites peace and cheerfulness in the environment. Many lighting options are available including table lamps& floor lamps.

6.   Painting & Artistic sculptures: A painting or sculpture can be purchased and installed in the living room. Painting should be chosen according to the living room furniture.

7.    Storing things right: A stylish storage cabinet can be utilized to make the living room more clean and spacious.

8.   Using beautiful centerpiece: For your table, you can opt for flower vase with fresh flowers or some stylish centerpiece.

9.   Living room furniture arrangement:Furniture can be arranged according to space requirement. Sofa, tables can be arranged in different angles.

10. Placing a plant: Small plants such as bonsai, euphorbia and much more can be placed in the corner to freshen up the environment of the room.

It is good to try new things and buy living room furniture according to theamount of space available. Know more at http://all-things-furniture.com/living-room/


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